Heartfelt Elopement at Huckleberry Rock Lookout in Muskoka

Would you believe me if I said this elopement came together in less than three weeks? What a whirlwind. Roxanna originally reached out to me on IG, all while super casually mentioning they wanted to elope, not sure of when or where. They knew they wanted to be outdoors, but that was about it.

I proposed Bracebridge as a happy in between for both of us, and as it turns out her best friend (and their witness) has parents who live on the most unique little farm. Turns out Huckleberry Rock Lookout was only about 10 minutes down the road and a mere 10 minute hike to the most STUNNING lookout. So that was the plan!

I showed up and it felt like I was meeting up with two friends and we were getting ready to go out for a nice night. Think champagne, a good sushi spread, and good music playing on a late summer night. It was so them, and so chill. They incorporated their favorite things and favorite humans into this intimate evening and nights like these, I'm telling you... what an honour.

Are you newly engaged?

That's amazing, I'm truly so happy for you. You've decided on forever and hat's a really big deal. If you're looking to get engagement photos done, or have any more questions about why you might want them, reach out! I'd be so honored to document this chapter of your lives.