There's a heart behind the camera.

It's me.

Taking a picture is easy. Telling someone to stand a certain way and smile is easy. I want to do more than scratch the surface. I want to get to know you, learn about what makes you laugh, cry, feel. I want you to send me pictures of your dress, only to have me respond as a best friend would (likely with a gif, followed up by a holy crap you're literally going to look drop dead gorgeous in that thing!!). I want to know how he proposed, where your love story started. I want to know what you love to do together as a family, something that your tiny human is doing in this season of their life that means so much to you. Let me in, let's be friends. I'll be able to tell your story that much better, promise.

I want you to answer me this: are you down for something fun, getting a little dirt on your boots, and aren't afraid to embrace the wind and rain? If you answered yes to any of the above.. then oui oui, mon ami. Consider us the perfect fit! Give me the perfectly imperfect, the unplanned and unposed. Your hair might look a little crazy, but what I see is your heart looking so full. Of course I'll give you direction and snap that head on photo (you know, the one that mom and dad love), but letting things unfold organically? Those are the authentic moments I want to capture the most. These are the ones that bring you back to the feeling you had in the exact moment it was taken in the first place.

If you can snag Chelsea as your photographer, kudos to you. She went above and beyond and words can’t even describe how in love we are with the photos she captured of us.

- Kim + Liam