I say quintessential because this is meant to shed light on how I would approach a typical wedding day. That is not to say I don't do atypical. In fact, I love atypical. Whether you two are getting ready together, eloping at City Hall, having a big-fat greek wedding, etc. my love of documenting your feelings and connections will be there no matter what.


My day starts when you’re getting ready. And I’ll document just that – you getting ready. There’s no reason for me to step in and prompt or direct at this point. It’s a fun part of the day and I like to let things unfold naturally. How do I do that? I walk around, observe, look for secrets, make small talk with the guys and gals that are there. I always suggest that my couples find somewhere with natural light to get ready, and that way I barely have to direct at this stage. If there’s a room with better lighting, I might suggest it. But that’s about it.

Professional Ottawa Wedding Photographer - Intimate Backyard Wedding in Williamstown, Ontario
Professional Ottawa Wedding Photographer - Intimate Backyard Wedding in Williamstown, Ontario
Professional Ottawa Wedding Photographer - Intimate Estate Wedding in Bancroft, Ontario
Professional Ottawa Wedding Photographer - Intimate Wedding at Le Belvedere in Wakefield, QC

In your gallery you’ll notice a handful of photos that I like to use to set the scene. What was the weather like? What was going on before everyone got there? I like to capture those little things because they’re just as much a part of your wedding day story as anything else that happens that day.  

Toronto Intimate Wedding Photographer - Chelsea Gurr Photography
Professional Ottawa Wedding Photographer - Intimate Estate Wedding in Bancroft, Ontario

Are you team first look, or team see you at the altar? However you answered will determine what happens next. If you opt for a first look, family portraits and wedding party portraits will follow. This is a huge timeline saver and it means you'll have more time to enjoy your cocktail hour! Expect to spend about 15-30 minutes on your wedding party portraits (size dependent), and 30 minutes on your family portraits, These time frames stay the same regardless of whether or not your choose to do a first look. Expect there to be a mix of "smile, look at the camera" and "okay now look at each other and laugh" shots. Trust me, it always turns into a genuine laugh ;)

For your newlywed portraits, we'll spend 30 minutes together. Get close, sync your breaths, and really embrace this part of the day. I always ask my couples what their love language is, if they're more of a loud lover or a quiet lover, an introvert or an extrovert. Although I'm pretty good at reading people I find asking these questions upfront really puts my couples at ease when it comes time for portraits. My process works best when the effort is coming from both ends.

Remember: you're hiring me for a reason, largely because you trust me. Enjoy the process, and relax knowing that you can fully trust me.

For the ceremony and cocktail hour, do not expect to hear much from me. I'm a big fan of "as it happens" and am not here to guide during these times. During the ceremony I'm looking for emotions, tears, smiles and laughter - from you and yours guests. At cocktail hour I'm basically floating around, and most often times gravitating towards where the action is. I absolutely invite you to request photos with special friends at this time, too!

Hopefully I'm eating at the same time as you, ideally seated at a table with some of your pals. If speeches happen over dinner, I'll gravitate towards those seamlessly, again looking for the emotions and the unexpected reactions that we all know and love.

Sometime during dinner, I like to sneak out for about 5-10 minutes at golden hour for some portraits. At this point, speeches are done, everyone is fully relaxed, and it 's another great chance at a quiet moment as newlyweds.

Last but not least, the dance floor. Honestly, I have a hard time not tapping my toe and hopping on the dance floor so expect to find me there. I would love to share a dance with you two, and in turn get some fun photos of you two dancing! From there on out I'll give you a big hug and bid you adieu.

I hope all of that makes sense.

How are you feeling?

I hope you're sitting there, smiling and nodding your head. I want you to trust that I will honour your legacy through the photos I take. I want you to feel like I'm the one for you.

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