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the silly faces

the meltdowns

the tender moments

the silly faces

the meltdowns

the tender moments

That's what I'm here for, momma.

That, and everything else that comes in between.

Can I just say that I'm so glad you found me? Like you, I'm a momma, and god damn... it's so important to document these real-life moments, because trust me, they're fleeting.

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Hey Momma,

I've been there, too. Working around the clock, day in and day out. Putting your best foot forward, always prioritizing your family's needs over your own. Before you know it, a year has gone by. You've blinked, and they've grown up. What in the literal HECK?! Where did my baby go? Trust me, I get it.

I see you, too. Grabbing your phone in hopes of catching that sweet moment, that first step, that new noise, the flower that they picked and are now overanalyzing, but you let them continue just because it's literally the coolest thing to watch them discover new things. Let me ask you this.. when was the last time YOU were in that frame? Encouraging those steps, conversing fluently in baby-talk, discovering WITH them?

When was the last time that you invested in documenting these precious moments?

Let me be the family photographer that makes you laugh, makes you cry, makes you feel. I'm not here to tell you to sit still and smile - that ain't me. I'm here to capture a story and tell it for years to come. The hopping, the skipping, the jumping. The cute little nose scrunches, the flower picking, the piggy back rides. Am I speaking your language yet?

HIGHLY RECOMMEND! We were so impressed with Chelsea's ability to capture some pretty special moments at such a tender time in our lives. She came into our home to take family photos when our daughter was just one week old. Her passion for capturing these moments translates into the finished product. Honestly can’t say enough good things about working with her. We'll absolutely be hiring her for family photos in the future!

Theresa & Steve


What should we wear?

I got you! Let this be the LEAST of your worries. After booking I'll send you a nifty little outfit guide for you and the whole fam-damily. Still not sure on what to wear? Text me pictures, let's have a FaceTime fashion show! I'm here to serve you in any way I can. Full family outfit stylist is allll part of the experience!

Can my dog come?

Do we live on planet earth? Umm yes. So long as you don't mind my dog voice.

My kid scratched their face/bonked their head/fell down and when boom, etc. Help?

As a boy mom, I get it. Don't sweat it! I'm a light retoucher. My rule of thumb is if it won't be there in two weeks, then it shouldn't be in the picture! That includes the pimple that just happened to pop up the morning of our session ;)

How many people are included in a family session?

I typically max out my family sessions at five. After that, additional members will be subject to an extra charge of $30 per head.

What if my kid(s) have a meltdown?

Hey, life happens. Honestly this is one of the BIGGEST fears for parents prior to a session and it is my job to put you at ease. Kids are mysterious and unpredictable creatures, which means that not all sessions will come with ease. It's okay, though! I'm able to build relationships with little ones, and quickly. I also often have snacks in my bag so that helps too. No possible fear should hold you back from this precious keepsake. Rest assured we WILL make it work. I promise you'll leave our session laughing and not worried about the meltdown your littles may or may not have had.

How much is a family session?

Take a quick gander at my investment page to see details on pricing and what all is included in your investment!