You're so cute.

Yes, you two! Hey!

 Let's do you, whatever that means. Picnicking in the park, having a beer at your favorite beach, lighting a fire at your cottage. I love creating new connections and bringing yours to life in the form of an image.

What I'm after are the images that make you feel. I want to capture the wind in your hair honest moment kind of photos. I place a ton of value on the candid moments and the feelings they have the power to evoke years down the line.

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We aren't engaged.. is it weird to do a couples session?

Not at all! It's honestly so much fun. Think of it as a date, just with a different spin on it!

How long will it take to receive our images?

With couples sessions I typically say two weeks at the max. In reality, I'll probably be way too excited our session and bang out the edits within a week though ;)

What should we wear?

Once your booking is complete I have an outfit guide that I send out to all my couples! It seriously walks you through ANY outfit question you may have! And if you're still left with questions, I'll help you out with styling personally.

How much is a couples session?

Head over to my investment page to get the scoop on what's all included in your date. I mean.. investment!