You've just got your photos back from your photographer. You share the gallery, post your favourite ones to social media, and everyone loves them. That's great and all, but what next? You might already have an idea, but some couples find themselves asking, "what more can I do with all of these photos?" I'll be the first to say what you shouldn't do: please do not leave them on a hard drive. You've put all of that time and money into planning something that captures this special chapter in your lives, so why not make it even more memorable by actually doing something other than posting your engagement photos to social media?

I was definitely that person who didn't do anything with ours for about two years... and I wish I had done something sooner. So, from me to you, here are some unique ideas on how to use your engagement photos in hopes that they bring a little extra joy into your life, as they should :)


I think this might be every photographers hope. Why? Because when you look at a photo, hold a photo I should say, you can feel it. Physically, emotionally. It brings you back, and that's what we all strive for. It's a different experience than seeing them on screen for this sole reason. Printing your photos, hanging them on walls and displaying them throughout your house is part of what makes it a home. They make you stop, they make you think, they spark a conversation, or perhaps bring a smile to your face as you pass them by. And want to know the best part? There's no expiration date on these feelings that photos bring us, your photos will keep you smiling for years to come.


Something that I have seen a few times now is my clients making a guestbook out of their engagement photos and I think this is such a sweet sentiment - it has two v. special chapters wrapped right up into one. Bonus, guests actually love flipping through it and seeing your engagement photos, so it brings a little more joy to their experience at your wedding. Fun, right?


You know, and I know it. Parents and grandparents love this sh*t. They share photos of you on FaceBook when they're proud of you, bust out their phones to try and awkwardly take a photo at 2x zoom, so why not do them the favour and print their favourites for them?! Bonus, it's common for the bride and groom to gift their parents with a little something before the wedding - nothing extravagant, but just a little something that says thank you. A lovely shot of you and your beau always makes for an excellent gift. Birthdays and holidays make for a time for gift giving as well!


If you're looking to add a personalized touch for some of the smaller details surrounding your wedding day, this is a lovely option. Most wedding websites have a section that allows you to share photos of yourselves, plus if you're up for it you could even share the story about how you and your love chose each other and knew this was it. All of your invites will have access to the site and I'm sure it would bring a smile to your guests face to sift through beautiful photos and read more about you and your fiance. Incorporating the same photos into your save the dates and/or wedding invites is also a really sweet way to tie everything together.


Maybe this is an obvious one, but photos make for a heartfelt touch on a wedding day. You can choose where you'd want to display them throughout your venue, for instance near the guestbook or card box if you're having one. You might be thinking, "I could just use other photos for that, though." You're right, you could. But if you're going to spend money printing and framing them, why not invest in quality so that the prints can be easily brought back home once your wedding day is over?!


Use your engagement photos as an opportunity to get to know your photographer before your wedding! I can't stress this enough. Not only is it a great way to see how well you work together, but it's also a chance to make sure you feel comfortable in front of their camera and it ensures that you really love their work. Listen, a lot of photographers are found online through social media but it's SO important to remember that these feeds are a highlight reel and almost serve as their portfolio. This is probably why it's so important to have an initial experience with them before your wedding day. There are no rules to this, you don't have to book the same photographer for your engagement photos and your wedding. It's an investment, and you want to make sure that you're making the one that's best for you.

Really, you could do so many things with your engagement photos... or you could do nothing. But in my opinion, if you can do something with them that sparks just a touch of joy, why not? This is a special chapter in your lives, and trust me when I say it's a fun one to look back on.

Are you newly engaged? Congratulations on forever! That's a really big deal. If you're looking to get engagement photos done, or have any more questions about why you might want them, reach out! I'd be so honoured to document this chapter of your lives.