I'm so excited to be putting this out there. The soul behind this mainly stems from my desire to just create. We all do it, scroll through IG or Pinterest and an image strikes us. Naturally, we save them for later, but never really look back at them. I did, though, for once. And it was with the intention that they'd somehow be shaping this project. I started by grouping some inspiration photos, and that's when I knew I was onto something. Music, water, the city, open space, the comforts of home. These were the high level themes of the imagery that was seemingly grabbing me over and over. I began to ask myself why... and here's what I came up with. They've all shaped me at one point, in a really deep way. They have my heart. And so will these sessions.


These sessions will be up for grabs from June 2nd through to September 15th, at a first come first serve basis. I'll be offering them at a 50% discount rate on Sundays and Wednesday only. I'm totally willing to travel for these sessions too, but I should mention that travel fees are not covered in the session price. Sessions will last between 90-120 minutes and all couples will receive a full, private online viewing gallery... and by full I mean 100+ images of goodness. I'll provide each couple with my style guide, and work with you to pull something together that goes with the vibe of our session/location. To inquire, head over to my book me page and under session type, select "Pinterest Project." Be sure to mention which session your leaning towards!


Deep feelings, vulnerability, and couples who aren't afraid to put their love for one another on full display. That's who these sessions are for. Scroll through the mood boards below to see what we're going for. There's six options, and a little more detail about each of them below.

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This is for you if:

Music is a big part of your relationship. If you or your partner are the type to pick up an instrument, put a record on, have a slow dance in the living room, you're probably of the mindset that music has the power to connect people, and it's connected you two.


This is for you if:

You love the comforts that your home space has to offer you. A warm bath, a cozy bed, a glass of wine or a joint, and their favorite person to share it all with. All of the things that make you feel so good under one roof.

*Must be okay with implied nudity.


This is for you if:

You're more of an urbanite couple and you love exploring your city. It's for the couples who know their city like the back of their hand; the best coffee shops, the best rooftop views, the best late night hangouts. Let's hit the town.


This is for you if:

Your weekends are often spent at the cottage, on a lake, on a boat, jumping off said boat, and repeating all summer. You're a cottage couple, essentially, and the water means more to you two than home itself.

*Must have a boat


This is for you if:

You could walk a beach along the beach for a sunset every night together and it would never get old. It's a place of calm and reflection for you two, and when the water crashes on the shore it just hits your souls a little different.

*Must be okay with getting in the water


This is for you if:

You prefer slow, intimate moments away from everyone and everything else. Nature is something the two of you escape to together. It's your quiet place, and an environment that you two connect to most.

That's it!

I cannot wait to get to planning these sessions and I am so excited to work with you and your love. These sessions are going to be so special - to you, but also to me. I say it to every one of my clients, but each time a couple opens their doors to me I am always so grateful. These are not an exception to that rule by any means.

Chat soon,