Allie + Jordan. Want to know the first thing she said to me about him?

"With Jordan, it’s literally just easy. I don’t have to fight to gain respect and love. He’s really helped me step more into who I want to become."

Is that not the sweetest thing? And to love with ease. I think that's something everyone could benefit from.

Before they even met, Allie wrote down a list of niche qualities that her ideal person would possess. The list included random things like trade worker, knows how to tell a good story, a family guy, likes country music, has a beard, wood worker, plays the guitar, opens the door for her. Bonus points if this ideal person has a dog. She came across Jordan's profile on the good ol' gram, friend-of-a-friend type situation but she was drawn to him for some reason. What she soon gathered from his IG: he had a dog, is an electrician by trade, has a woodworking business on the side, loves the outdoors, is talented musically, is creative and very sweet & respectful. Sound anything like that list she created? I THINK SO! There's literally no way she couldn't not message him, so message she did!

Once Jordan got over the fact that Allie wasn't an instabot, he messaged her back. They went for coffee, ordered a pretzel, Allie ate the whole thing, but Jordan being the forgiving type didn't seem to mind (this overheard during our session). The rest is history.