The Wedding Boom. Heard of it? If you’re getting married this year, I’m sure you’ve heard that 2022 is going to be the year of the wedding. I’m sure you’re also looking for some inspiration, or wondering what the trends of the year will be. Social media is a super helpful tool when you’re planning your wedding, but it can also make certain trends feel overdone (*cough*pampas grass*cough*cough*). I love seeing creative couples go against the grain or blaze the trend trail themselves, so, enter my predictions for 2022 wedding trends!


Lockdowns have been a driving factor behind this one. So many vendors are booked up for prime weekends in 2022, either from 2020 couples booking really far in advance, or even rescheduling of 2021 weddings. For couples that are hell bent on getting married after long engagements, weekdays couple be the only option. You know what I say? Let’s do it. Three of my weddings this year fall on a weekday and between you and I, I’m not even mad about it! Also, I think you’re really going to get your A-team out if it is on a weekday. Why? Because only people that really want to be there will be there. Kind of a nice way to lean out your guestlist if you ask me!



Another trend I’m really looking forward to. With a venue shortage this year, again, this is the only option some couples have. I think we will continue to see the backyard wedding, but with a twist. Think casual celebration, infused with black tie. White tents, cocktail-style parties, musicians on site… yes! I imagine a lot of couples will be really focusing on making the day fun and memorable, and less on tradition. We all need a good celebration to look forward to anyways, right?

Bride and groom kissing in front of Toronto City Hall
Luxury charcuterie board at a backyard intimate summer wedding

Micro weddings have definitely gained popularity in recent times, and this is a trend that I don’t think will be going away any time soon. Not only can they be more affordable, but you’re getting the intimacy of only having your closest friends and family there to celebrate with you. Speaking from experience, you can’t beat the comfort level on these days, and with more comfort often comes more emotion. Beyond this, literally anywhere can be your venue! Your favorite restaurant, an intimate garden, your childhood home. Intimate weddings are some of my favorite – between the emotion, the creativity, and the feeling of closeness, you can’t beat it.


You know, like a weed bud. Yeah! I saw this done once last year and I was wondering why I’d never seen it before. In this case, there were literally pre-rolled joints at a bar with different strains and recommended highs. I get that inhaling smoke isn’t for everyone BUT… it got me thinking. You can find CBD/THC infused into almost anything these days, so why not offer it up to your guests? Cocktails, small batch chocolates, late night coffee bar, whatever you want. There are even a few mobile bud bars based out of Toronto now… I think people are catching on.



It’s versatile, it’s minimal, and trust me when I say it’s 100% making a comeback. Yes, it’s historically been noted as a filler flower and maybe even a floral on the cheaper end, but hear me out. Have you ever seen a baby’s breath instalment? Use this floral as the main highlight (and of course hire a trusted florist) and jaws will drop. We’re also seeing the monochrome look as a trend as well and if this is what you’re after, this floral will complement your theme perfectly. Cloud like ceremony backdrops, or hanging from the ceiling, the possibility with this delicate little number is endless and I can’t wait to see all of the beauty it’s going to bring to weddings this year.

I have just a few more dates open for 2022 so if you have yet to book, get in touch here. I want to hear what trends you're planning for your wedding! Seriously, I love talking about this stuff. If you're a 2023 bride/groom my books OPEN and ready to serve you.