Taurus Sun

Close relationships and long-term partnerships mean more to me than the average person. When I love, I love hard, and chances are I'm not letting you go any time soon.

Aquarius Moon

I'm a people person, and the chances of me striking up a conversation with a stranger is high. "It's cool to be kind," is one of my life mottos.

Scorpio Rising

I'm passionate, tenaciously driven, and quick on my toes. It's a presence, I know, and one that has lead me into a few fanatical situations (no regrets).

Female portrait session in Kawartha Lakes. Woman sitting on tree stump looking off into the distance.

If I had to choose what's most important to me in life, I would say family, every time. At a young age I lost my father, and a few years later my sister. In 2017, I lost my brother as well. Heavy, I know, but without these losses I wouldn't be the person that I am today. I look back on photos of these loved ones and they mean the world to me. This is my why. I want to encapsulate your memories, your loved ones, your connections... so that you can hang onto them forever.

I am a glass half full kind of person, because I've learned first hand that positivity is key. There is always a lesson to be learned from every experience, and I'll continue to live life blindly optimistically until I find a reason to do otherwise.

I rest my mind, body and soul in the Kawarthas, but serve both the Toronto and Ottawa areas. In the summers you can find my sandy feet at our cottage along the foothills of the Gatineaus. 

That's me passively saying I like to hop around from place to place. Wherever I am, you can bet that good food - and lots of it - is somewhere close behind.

My Why

The sweet pea in this photo is Eddy. He's the reason I picked up my camera, with intention. I've been obsessed with documenting his life through my lens because I want to remember all of the moments and connections that shape him as he grows. And life, as we know it, is fleeting.

When you hire me, my goal is to seek out these special moments and connections so you too can hold them in your heart forever.

Let's chat. Ask me your questions. Tell me about the people and things you love most in life.

If I can play any role in capturing these things for you, I would be honoured.

Toronto Intimate Wedding Photographer - Chelsea Gurr Photography

Kind Words

Kind Words

Kim & Liam

Kim & Liam

Chelsea's real talent is capturing the natural moments and turning them into something beautiful, with grace and reverence. In all of the chaos that comes with a wedding day, she managed to capture the raw emotion of our day and not once did we worry she would miss anything.